Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sunset ish at The Projects | Behind the Scenes

    Check out the behind the scenes video my man Alex Glass shot for me at. You can go behind the scenes with me at the Projects in Orlando, Florida to see how I shoots rail riding on the water.  I have guest Professional wakeboarders; Todd Watson, Trevor Bashir, and an appearance by Shane Bonifay.  You will get some inside knowledge of how to shoot and keep your equipment safe around the water at the same time.  Be sure to watch for all the small things that will help make any shoot run smoother and safer.  The best part of the video is I will be using the Nikon 85mm PC-E 2.8 (better known as a tilt shift) for the first time!  Everything was also shot from a few hours before sunset through sunset using PocketWizard's Hypersync technology!

    Here are a few shots from the video.

Nikon D800 85mm 1.4 at  f1.8 1/1,000th a sec

Nikon D800 85mm PC-E at f4 1/800th a sec

Nikon D800 85mm PC-E at f4 1/500th a sec

Nikon D3s 85MM PC-E f5.6 1/1,000th a sec

Nikon D800 85mm PC-E f4 1/800th a sec

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