Tuesday, January 27, 2015

PhaseOne and The DuPont Registry | Workshop

    I wanted to personally introduce my new workshop in partnership with PhaseOne and The DuPont Registry.  Check out all the information in the image below or at this interactive LINK.  You can sign up for the event HERE at a discounted price until Feb 2nd.

  Every one attending the event will receive a copy of Capture One Pro 8 software, discounts on PhaseOne gear, as well as various Products or Discounts from; Westcott, Custom SLR, F-Stop Gear, Induro Tripods, and Tether Tools.

    You will start off the morning at one of the Largest Cars and Coffee events with hundreds of super cars, muscle cars, and classic cars.  You will then be guided through the use of the PhaseOne IQ250 camera system, workflow on Capture One Pro 8 software and light painting process I use to create images for the Digital art agency AllReadyBeenChewed.  I will give hands on instruction with the post processing of the images and how to plan for digital composite images.  After lunch everyone will be broken down into groups and a chance to shoot a car with the PhaseOne system with hands on instructions from the PhaseOne technician and me.

    The best part of the event is everyone will get an opportunity to submit their final composited image to the crew at The Dupont Registry for a chance to have a feature spread in a future issue!  Everyone who submits images will be featured on the Autofluence blog and The Dupont Registry Facebook.

    This is a day that you will truly remember and you will want to sign up early as we are limiting the workshop to only 15 people!

Final composited image of an Axis Boats A22 with the crew at AllReadyBeenCHewed.tv

Light painting techniques on a dashboard of a Malibu Boats 22MXZ

Be sure to keep and eye on this page for a feature with Allen Wong of Rego Apps and his Lamborghini Aventador in the next week!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Speaking | Stand Out Tour with PhaseOne

    Pretty excited to announce that I will be speaking with the good crew of PhaseOne
and Mamiya photographers at the Stand Out Tour in L.A. in two weeks!  I will be touching on my past as an action sports photographer and how I have grown to work with the companies I shoot for now.  I will mostly be talking about what it is like producing advertising images of boats and cars with the CGI art crew AlreadyBeenChewed.tv.

Shot example in conduction with AlreadyBeenChewed

    Be sure to use my PromoCode FLASHGARRISON to get in on any of the talks for free!  I will also be giving away products from some of the crews that support me such as Custom SLR and Fstop Gear!  I hope to see you out there October 15th!

Matt Armedariz 
Pratik Naik 
John Schell Melissa Rodwell 
Michael Grecco Dave Gallagher
Chris Garrison Emily Shur 
Roberto Valenzuela 

Benjamin Von Wong 
Mark Seliger Gregory Crewdson John Schell
Eric Crossland
 Jim Taskett 
Dan Saelinger Ryan Enn Hughes Bobbi Wendt  
Tim Kemple Annabelle Breaky
The Stand Out! Photographic Forums’ mission is to bring the photographic community together to inform, inspire and excite. Hear from inspiring and innovative industry creatives and icons.  Explore new ideas to differentiate yourself and your business.
Stand Out!
Los Angeles
October 15th
1933 S. BROADWAY, 11th FL.
10am – 9pm
Stand Out!
San Francisco 
October 18th
11am – 9pm

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Atlanta Brave Spring Training Fantasy Camp 2014 | #BTS and Recap

    For the past few years I have been working with a crew that covers the Atlanta Braves Fantasy Camps in Orlando, Florida.  For those of you who do not know what Fantasy Camp is.  It is a one week camp where participants get to train, play, and hang with some of the best Legend to ever play with the Atlanta Braves.  The participants basically get to fill al life long dream to be part on a team and see what happens behind the scenes. 

    This is always a very fun experience for me for so many reasons.  I get to do so many types of photography in just a few days with a sport I do not commonly cover.   I get to shoot outdoor lifestyle shots, looker room shots, action, behind the scenes of the sport, event and ground coverage.  It is a very long week with days from sunrise to sunset but it is well worth it, and the cold post game locker drinks seal the deal!

73 Portraits in 35 Minutes or Less

    One of the requirements is to get a portrait shot of each participant and the Participant Atlanta Braves Legends.  Sounds pretty easy at first until there are 73 athletes not including the Legends.  There are no time slots for the portraits to be shot either.  I have to basically show up super early, 5 am with one an assistant and set up the all the equipment.  Then as the participants come in I have to pull them from the locker room and shoot as well as pull them from the batting cages.  With the allotted warm up time being just around 30 minutes I would have just about 20 seconds to shoot a solid shot for a poster of each participant.  This time includes getting them into the right position, getting some action, and getting some standard portrait shots.

    My first setup was the typical right at Home Plate.  The flash setup is my usual quick 3 light setup, with a scrim to block out the sunlight.  I use all Elinchrom Ranger Speed AS pack for the daytime flash power, The Elinchrom 27 in Beauty Dish, Elinchrom 53in Strip boxes, and the Westcott Scrim Jim 6 foot model.  Everything was fired with the Pocket-Wizard Flexx TT5 using Hypersync.  I shot with the Nikon D800 and 35mm F 1.4.  I love this setup for the portraits fro the high recovery of the D800 in the highlights to make up for the white uniform.  The lower F-stop of the 35mm Prime lens also helps separate the participant form the background.  This was great setup as my assistant or I could grab the participants as they went into the locker room.

#BTS shooting a participant with the Elinchrom setup.

A different angle of the #BTS shooting a participant with the Elinchrom setup.

Here I am holding the Scrim Jim and Boom set up during some of the random gust of wind on the field.

    I also Decided to step it up and set up and outfield shoot to get a different background than the previous years this year.  I love this shot because it gets the massive green wall and score board. 

    The biggest challenge with this spot was not just getting the shots but also the setup.  I did the same 3 light setup for this location but I used the Wescott Apollo Strips and Orbs as the Light source.  I also set up the Elinchrom Ranger Speed as Packs and Nikon D800 with the 35mm F1.4 again.  I left the Nikon D800 on the Induro C313 Tripod so I can run back and forth between the locations.  The most intense part of this shot was setup just outside for the sprinkler system that was running at the time and still getting the background that we wanted.  You can see some of the sprinklers running on a few of the shots below.  I was able to get all the participants shots by corralling them as they went to or left the batting cages from this location.

The Setup for the outfield location

    For the third and back of the baseball card shot I set up in the locker room.  There was extremely limited space and it was packed.  I could only set up a single lite and was lucky to get that.  I used on Elinchrom Ranger Speed AS and the 27in beauty dish set up.  This location was a super fast click and run witch each participant.

The All Day action and Event Coverage

    One of my favorite parts is going into event coverage mode after the portraits.  I have total freedom to move all over the field and park during the games.  I also have full access to the locker room and any other are you can think off.  For example I was able to get on top of the massive scoreboard to get a good overview shot from an unusual angle.  I am even able to sit in the filed during play, or even get right on the pitchers mound during warm ups!  I love that I have the creative freedom to get some different angles for each participant in their different positions.

Here are a few shots from a the Event Coverage

    The event is truly amazing for everyone.  Participants get to play baseball and hang out in the locker room just like one of the Atlanta Braves.  They actually use the main Atlanta Brave Spring Training Locker Room.  There are also post ball day poker games at the hotel, “man cave!”  They even get an entire day off and play a round of golf with the Braves Players of they want.  If you have not experienced the Fantasy Camp yet I would highly recommend it to anyone that is into baseball!  It is such an interactive experience with the Baseball Legend that you almost forget you are only on the team for a week!