Monday, February 18, 2013

Snowboarding | New York City

No Sleep 'Till Denverrr

View from Liberty Park in New Jersey at about 12 am. 

    From my first days of shooting snowboarding I have always thought about what it would be like to shoot in New York City.  Unfortunately it is so rare for it to snow enough in the city and sit for more than a day.  When I saw the first ever named snowstorm, NEMO, coming through the North East I knew this would be my one and only chance.  I was on the phone Friday trying to get a hold of crews, calling RedBull HQ in NYC, and even random contacts at sponsors trying to get someone up there, and by Saturday morning I gave up.  I was out having a few cocktails with the fiancé when I randomly saw Pat Milbery on Facebook posting from Washington D.C. attempting to get to NYC.  About 3 hours later I was wheels up Business Class style still with cocktails leaving the sunny 75 degree weather to the windy, cloudy, and 15 degree New York weather.
     When I got there it was no sleep till Denver status to get the shots we needed.  There was actually a rain storm directly behind the cold front.  We were only expecting to get a day and a half of shooting in before the snow would be gone.  We ended up getting very lucky and the rain was just a light mist all day.  We ended up with 3 and a half days of shooting around NYC, with 2 of the days with the RedBull wench thanks to Kyle.

The group in Central Park

    Looking back at the trip, I almost never realize how lucky I am to have gotten there.  I ended up with some of the best snow photos of my life, and got to drive around New York City for the 3rd time, in the 3rd natural disaster in a row there.  I already had 2 hurricanes down there, and this was my first big snowstorm there.  We ended up with a lot of help from certain police department and security crews, allowing us acess to closed areas to get the shots we were all gunning for!

On the Way to Brooklyn

Welcome to Brooklyn

    Here is a little write up that ESPN put on their home page of the trip, with a few spot leaks.  This is actually my first time ver on the ESPN home page, and prob one of the first few for the action sports industry.  Adding even more excitedment to the story, we got posted up next to a story on Micheal Jordan.  Be on the look out for the print shots coming out soon!

ESPN front page

The full Story

Downtown Financial distract post sunset

Uptown and Central park area at sunset

Sunrise pow slashes

New Jersey Wenching

Post golden hour in the Blue minutes

The RedBull MXT at Liberty Park around 1 am

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