Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Alliance Photo Annual 2011 | Back Pedaling!

    I realized that I have been slacking on posting up publication prints the past year.  So I decided to start from my favorite issue from the begging of last year and work my way up to date.  I will say it is super fun looking back on old shoots and prints!
    This was my rookie year of shooting wakeboarding and my first cover actually.  A lot of hard work and more fun went into all of the shots. If you haven't seen an issue yet email Alliance for the past issue.  They print it in super large format, almost bringing back the pull put poster size!
    Every image was shot on a Nikon D2x and used Pocketwizard's Hypersync technology.  I think that was the first year for me using the new technology too!  No photoshop or anything done to all the photos below as normal par for action sports magazines.

Reed Hansen on the cover with a method on a wake skate!  

Melissa Marquardt with a wrapped tail grab 3.

One of my favorite shots from that year, Melissa Marquardt from the tube!  Lots of flashes and near death experiences to get this one.

Nate Perry on the left with my mirror shot idea.

Steel Lafferty boosting up and over me a few feet from the Mastercraft Wake.

Terry Bailey to the left shot through an hold Reflex Camera.

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