Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Behind the Scenes | Chad Sharpe and Malibu Boats

    I love shooting enviromental lifestyle shots everywhere I go.  One main problem is that I travel a lot. It makes it very difficult to bring the Large modifiers I love to use.  Westcott has a few simple modifiers that pack so light I bring them everytime I fly.  The first is the Westcott Apollo, it is basically an umbrella that turns into an inverse octa-bank like light with an attachable grid.  Another is the strip that has the same umbrella base setup.  This 3 modifier combination fits right into your suitcase and only takes up a few pounds when traveling.

    Check out my Behind the Scenes video I did HERE with the Apollo Orb, Strip and scrim-jims.  I got Chad Sharpe to come over with his new Malibu Boats 22MXZ.  The shoot was extremely fun going from being super sunny, to horribly windy, to raining, then to pitch black because of cloud cover.  Welcome to Florida Spring Time.


Nikon D3s 85mm f1.4 lens 1/400th a sec at F2.2 Hoya ND4 Filter

Nikon D3s 35mm f1.4 lens 1/400th at F2.5 Hoya Vario ND Filter

Nikon D3s 85mm PC-E Tilt Shift Lens 1/400th at F5.6 

Nikon D3s 35mm f1.4 lens 1/320th at F2.5 



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