Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Print Biz | Alliance Wakeboard Magazine

    This is still one of my favorite shots from the winter wake season.  This is Austin Hair in the July issue of Alliance.
     I was back in Florida in December the first time we shot this location.  The previous post shows a few shots from that session on here.  Garret Cortese (Photog/Senior Editor/High 5er) saw the same angle I liked from a different shot and we both thought it would be a lot better than what I had.  So later in January I came back to Florida to shot the location.  The weather was super cloudy and almost raining so I already ruled out the glowing orange shot that we were going for.  We decided to hang out and shoot it for fun because we were already there, and for what ever reason after the sun went below the horizon we managed to get one of the craziest sunsets I saw in the winter season.
    The shot to the left is one of Garret's of a proper stale fish poke.  Stay tuned for the video and the "how the heck he got it" on this shot.

The shot we were aiming for:

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