Monday, July 4, 2011

Coming to 'Mericauh | Wakeboard

    The fourth of July is a special time of year for our 'Mericaun culture.  We are all out there celebrating our independence on the path to freedom, better lives and dreams of a brighter future.  Meanwhile I am on lock down in the hurt locker slapping together a companies new campaign to come here to 'Mericauh.
    A few month back my man Austin Hair signed a 3 year contract with Jobe Sports, a wake company based out of the Netherlands.  He was given an opportunity to design his own pro model board, boots, helmet, and handle.  I was able to get my bud's Pat Milbery and Captain Safety over at So...Gnar to step up and use their artistic skills to be part of the logo design for the new "Austin Series" line.  The new board design is pretty rad and I cannot wait to shoot the demo boards this week.
    With the design in the books Henk Van Der Werf at Jobe sports offered me an amazing opportunity I have wanted for a long time.  I get to design and compose the 2012 wake advertorial, catalogue, and web content shoot in America.  He has given me full creative control to help push their new campaign here in America and over seas.
    I have been given a pretty solid budget that will help me do some of the craziest shoots I can possibly think of for the wake industry.  I will be lighting things on fire, destroying florescent light tubes, lighting more fireworks than your redneck neighbors on the fourth, smashing some mirrors, and setting off smoke screens that would make the military jealous.  The best part is we only have 3.5 days in mid Florida summer to knock this out!  
    Check back soon for details and videos of what went down!

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