Monday, June 6, 2011

Wintertime Seshin' | Wakeboard

    Back in February I had a little chance to break away from the crazy winter season in Orlando, Florida.  Of course I managed to bring old man winter along with me it I think it was 45 or so the week I was up there.  We sucked it up for the week and did a few sunrise and sunset shoots with me floating around in the water with the non water housed camera and flashes all over the place.  I think I was warmer riding the sleds in neg 5 weather after sunset then that shoot.
    Mid way through the week my man Austin Hair set up a little afternoon (warmth) riding with Shane Bonifay and Jeff Langley.  Here are a few random shots I clicked for a little something to do on the boat besides pull the rope in.  We rode out in the hood on Clear lake just outside of downtown Orlando on the wrong side of the tracks!  I lived here back in the day and used to love how calm the lake always was.

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