Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Adventure | Rigs

    I have been having some fun with a few high performance rigs since I've gotten back to Florida.  Car photography is almost as fun as action shots, only because we get to "move" the cars during the shoot.  These are a few of the stationary shots I have done over the summer.  I think you can tell which ones were the first few I ever took!  My personal favorite in this collection is the 1933 yellow Ford muscle rig.  The location was an old train loading dock in Bonita Springs, FL.  This was were they originally brought cars, produce, supplies, and other products into the area.  The train station was finished in 1928, and began  operations the same year.  It's like bringing the Ford back to where it first stepped foot in FL. The M3 F1 edition was pretty cool too, and yes I shot it as the train was cruising by!

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