Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flash | Pro Skimboarding

    I have been working with my long time friend and professional skimboarder Austin Bleiweiss on a few photo ideas.  98% of photos I have seen from skimboard magazines and websites are not using flashes at all!  So I thought I would have  little fun this summer and see what I can do using my ranger packs.  It's actually pretty easy to do, and almost more entertaining to watch than the skimboarders.  I just strap my Burton Zoom Pro pack (with the Elichrome pack inside) on to a lucky photo assistant, and hand them the flash head on a small stand.  Their job is to run full speed down the beach, angle the light just right, and get the eff out of the way before the overhead wave slams them with a 1100 watt live battery strapped to their back.  Basically 1 out of 7 shots actually gets the right light, but thats fun right?  Here are a few of the shots featuring riders; Austin Bleiweiss (Zap), Jonathan Howell (Victoria), and Ryan Rataj (Zap).


  1. wow those are some relly grate pic im a photragpher and just sarted to skim i would love to take pic for the sport as well any tips