Thursday, October 18, 2012

Print Biz | Transworld Wake Best of 2012

    The 2012 Transworld Wakeboarding mag season ended this month.  This was actually my first year submitting shots to the crew at Transworld.  I was pretty hyped at the begging of the season when I got my first submission and print with them on Chad Sharpe's ridiculously huge kicker hit.  I am even more excited now that I got an end of the season gallery with them, posting up my top 10 prints from the season.

Check out the Gallery HERE

    Here is the first shot printed with Transworld

Nikon D2x 10.5 fisheye a F5 1/1,250th

    Chad Sharpe is a legend with going super huge and hitting really large kickers.  So when I got a call that he had the pro tour kicker out at his house, I was completely floored to come out and shoot it.  We shot for 4 days on this beast.  The image in Transworld was actually from the first day.  A few of the images from mid-day should be making their way out very soon.  Big thank you to Chad for hitting this kicker an unreal amount of times for how big he was going.
    This was shot with 2 Elinchrom Rangers at Full Power to the left, and 1 Ranger to the right for the kicker.  I fired the Rangers with (at the time) the new Pocket Wizard TT5 and ST4 recievers. I had the battery packs inside of F-Stop bags strapped to a ladder in the water.  I put the light stands in the water and strapped them to the ladder as well.  It sounds super risky but the ladders did not even move when the wake from the Malibu cruised by.

A few Behind the Scenes


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