Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Print Biz | Cover Shot

    I have been super busy lately between wakeboard and snowboard seasons overlapping each other.  I feel like I have an endless list of blogs to throw up from the past few months.  So I am stepping it up finally and getting the first one of the year out there!

    I want to start off with one of my favorite cover shots I have had in a long time.  This is the cover shot of the December issue of Wake Magazine.  The magazine is the largest magazine in Australia and I think one of the largest print magazine I have ever received.

    We set this shot up one of the last weeks that Harley Clifford was in town before he was leaving back to Australia.  If any one has been camping on the moon this past season, Harley is one of the youngest and most amazing riders in wakeboarding.  He is really the book of tricks when it comes to wake, and has one of the biggest roll to blinds I have ever seen.

    I did my normal shot set up; 2 Elinchrom Rangers at full power form the Mastercraft X-Star, and Pocketwizard Flexx TT5 on camera,  and ST-4's on the packs.  We had the best sunset of the summer this day and Harley got the shot on the 3rd click of the night.

The cover

The Shot
1/800th a sec F 5.6 Nikon 24-70mm at 32mm 

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