Friday, December 28, 2012

Team | Induro

    Excited to be working with Induro as my camera support system.  After I use the products for the winter and part of the sumer season I will have a  solid review up.    
    I ended up with the Induro CT314 tripod, Induro BHL3 ball head, Induro CM34 monopod, and the Induro 75mm High Hat.  I have already found a million uses for the high hat in the first few weeks of it being in the bag.  The monopod is super light weight and awesome for large lens support, and flash support.  
     Below is the Induro CT314 tripod with the BHL3 ball head attached to it.  This is a beast of a tripod, but breaks down into a very small, light weight package.  One of my favorite things about Induro is that they supply you with a very nice tripod case and tool kit in a separate case.  Most tripod manufactures do not do that.  This combination will also support up to 88 lbs in a 6.4 lb package!


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  1. Yes, Induro CT314 tripod is proven handy! It is an advantage for those photographers who love to travel. My friend has been using this stuff and told me to do the same for it truly gives benefit.