Monday, October 29, 2012

Kupo Pro | Kupo Grip

    I am super excited to announce that I am now a staff pro Kupo Grip.  Most photographers think all light stands are pretty much the same, just a little weight difference and small design differences here and there.  At Kupo they take a lot of pride in being an innovative stand company.
    They have one of the best and fastest C-stands I have ever used.  They setup and break down in just one click, it's amazing for super fast bad weather break downs.
    Kupo also has a bunch of very useful clamp accessories which helps mount lights almost anywhere.n One of my favorite accessories is the 4-way clamp.  The clamp will allow you to attached up to 4 different light heads to a single stand!
 Be sure to check out the interview with some new shots, and some behind the scenes setups HERE.  Also goto the site and check out the different attachments to make setup life just a little bit easier!  I will be putting up in depth shots and reviews of the products I use very shorty, so be sure to check back!

Interview front page from Kupo Grip

Master C-Stand "Turtle Base"One click set up and break down

Various accessories including the Kupo 4-way clamp and Kupo viser grip!

An Elinchrom Octa Bank Boomed up with the Kupo Overhead stand and Boom Arm.  That is also the 8 foot Westscott scrim jim to give you a size of everything.


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