Monday, October 10, 2011

Print Biz | Ten 80 Ad

    Here is an Ad that Ten-80 ran in the last Alliance Wakeboard and Transworld Wakeboarding Magazines.  This shot actually almost never happened.  It was shot right in the middle of the Florida rainy season.  We came out to Freddie Wayne's house to get a few shots of him and Austin Hair.  It rained all day until the last 15 minutes before sunset, leaving not to much time to get the shots we needed.  We got the Malibu loaded up and ready and stole Shaun Murray's Nautique for the chase flash boat.  The fists 5 minutes of the shoot Freddie managed to drive the Malibu straight into the cat tails and lake weed!  In the end we managed to get both the shots we needed in about a 10 minute period.  Shout out to Freddy's dad for the great chase boat driving and Luke Earls for the flash holding.  They managed to keep the chase boat about 5 feet away from me on the tube!

The Ad

The Shot

Freddie's Shot

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