Sunday, October 30, 2011

Print Biz | Cover Shot

      Just got the new Jobe 2012 catalogue in the mail!  This is my first ever Catalogue cover in wake.  Here is the short story and how we got it:

    In good ol' Florida fashion we shot the entire catalogue shoot in the middle of rainy season.  Super long week short we ended up only being able to shoot about a day and a half to get all of the shots for the Euro crew that came over.  This shot was actually taken the last day of the deadline before the catalogue was to goto print.  We spent about three hours waiting for the rain to stop or some kind of break in the weather.  We actually decided to just set up in the rain and for for it with about 40 minutes left before sunset.  By the time we got everything dialed in and ready we got lucky, and had a break in the weather.  We had about 15 minutes to get the shots to choose from and it came down to about 4 to 6 hits before we ran out of light!  This was the best shot of all.

    The set up was pretty simple.  I was on a tube attached to the same boat Austin Hair was riding on.  We had both my Elinchrom Rangers at full power on a chase boat about 15 feet behind me on the tube.  Everything was fired with Pocket Wizard TT5 and ST4's.

To see the entire Catalogue Click here.  There are some unreal shots used with Hypersync to check out.

The Cover:

All Shots: 1/800th at F 5  Nikon 105mm Fisheye

Here are the other shots and a fun random one:

A few other shots from the catalogue:


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