Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Print Biz | Cover Shot

  This is one of my first shots of Harley Clifford!  Super stoked this finally got a print, and especially a cover of Unleashed Magazine.

    A few months back I was catching up with Steel Lafferty to get a few shots for RedBull, and we ended up at Harley's house.  Once again in Florida fashion it rained almost the entire time until the last hour ish of the day.  Steel almost called it until we talked him into coming out.  This was the second shot I actually ever took of Harley.

    The flash setup was two Elinchrom Rangers full power on the back of the Mastercraft that Harley is attached to.  PocketWizards c-clamped to the tower and Flexx TT5 on a light stand attached to me 4 feet from the wake in the picture.

    Shout outs to Shota Tezuka for the rad flash holding and Jonathan Khani for the best boat driving possible missing me by a few feet every time to make this shot happen.  Be on the look out for Steel's shot in the up coming Photo Annual of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine!

1/640th at f5.6 iso 200 Nikon 24-70 at 24mm

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