Friday, March 4, 2011

Castaway | Wakeboarding

    Austin Hair and Andrew Shearer cruised down to Naples, Florida this past weekend to try and get some Gulf of Mexico wakeboarding in.  I'm theming the trip "castaway" because every spot we found was like a war zone of washed up tree and made us feel like we were lost and not in Florida.  We spent the three days trying to get shots and ideas that no one has really gotten yet.  I think we spent more time walking, stealing wood for kickers, making egg sandwiches and setting up flash stuff then we did actually riding on this trip.Between the six foot black tip circling our shot location and the vultures hanging at the other location we were wondering if this was really the trip to tray and get the shots we were looking for.  We ended up getting some good, and some "....really" shots but we had a ton of fun hiking around and exploring the Naples beaches for sure.  Here are the rando outtakes from this one.

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