Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Band Shootin' | SkyFox

    On one of my many other trips from Florida to Colorado this year I shot my friend Johnny Hill's band Skyfox.  We spent about three nights and two days randomly shooting around Denver and Littleton, Colorado.  We manly shot on location and only did one studio setup on our down time.  SkyFox is recognized as one of Colorado's most likely to breakout by Next Big Sound, and Top 40 Charts.  I really enjoyed cruising around Denver and finding new locations that have not been shot by all the bands that reside and travel through the city.
    My favorite shot is the alley way shot in which I used every bit of flash power I have to light it up.  We found the location around the area of the Walnut Room in the Lodo district.  We got set up just before sunset and had a little fun playing with the military grade smoke bombs I purchased on the drive over just outside of St. Louis.  The shot I am putting up is not the finished shot yet.  I am working on photoshopping in a different background for the sky to add to the dramatic look.  I am looking forward to doing a few more shots with them in the winter time when I get back up to the 303!

Check Out Their Video  "Run Away"

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