Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hurricane Bill | Sebastian Inlet

    "No pressure, buts its a hundred year storm.  You better be on the right spot or you're blowing it." CJ Hobgood

   A few weeks back I cruised up to Sebastian Inlet to do some skimboarding photos for a few team riders.  I got the call a day before saying Hurricane Bill was going to send the biggest swell we have had all summer.    As fast as I hung up I was packed and ready to go!  We shot for two days, and on the down time I shot my first surf photos I have ever done in FL.  I got a mixture of shots ranging from sunrise, mid day to sunset I was stoked on.  Amoung the riders were; CJ Hobgood, Phillip Walters, Sterling Spencer, Eric Taylor, Ryan Briggs, and a Kelly Slater look-a-like.

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